YLR Interviews L.U.S.T.


Fresh off her God, Fear & Money. We caught up with Lady L.U.S.T. during the LBC Pride 2012.

We kicked it in a sushi restaurant for brunch & champagne then dragged our drunk asses back to our girl, Tasha’s spot for even more shit shootin’.

At 00:43 She talks about where L.U.S.T. came from.
01:25 Upcoming Projects
01:45 Writing Process
02:17 Studio set up
02:54 Titties/Ass/Camel toe
03:22 Fan Stories that inspired a song. lol.
05:04 Obama & Gay stuff.
06:04 Reppin. 3 Strikes.
07:05 What’s your goal as an artist? Provoke.
07:57 Dream Collaboration.
09:03 THE lgbt question.
10:07 What is a fav L.U.S.T. verse?

Watch out for God, Fear & Money II. More info at http://www.AskAboutLUST.com

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