Watchya Know About BatWoman???


She’s a  fictional character…a super heroine…

Ooh & did I mention she’s also a BIG OLE LESBIAN!

Maybe it’s the geek in me but…I like.

She was created in the likeness of Bruce Wayne. You know BATMAN?

She’s Katherine Kane aka Kathy and most recently KATE (her lesbian moniker).

Kate started appearing in DC Comics around 2006 issue #7 of the maxi-series. It was revealed that KANE had been romantically involved with Renee Montoya, a former Gotham City Police detective…Ooooh BOOTS!

I’m not a huge COMIC STRIP fan but I thought it was interesting DC COMICS added her and the openly out strip to their roster. This chick is stupid built n KILLIN the bad guys…and apparently the good girls.

The artwork is DOPE!

(In my mind: “I would love a poster or two… I wish the girls had a little more tint in their skin but whatever.”

To all my lgbt comic strip geeks! This ones for you!



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