Snoop Lion Speaks on Acceptance of Rappers Who Are Openly Gay (Again)


VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live with host Carrie Keagan asks Snoop Dogg about the possibility of open gay rappers in hip hop. Earlier in the month, he spoke to UK magazine, the Guardian, and was quoted saying

I don’t know if it will ever be acceptable because rap is so masculine.

Kinda hilarious when he tries to compare a rapper coming out in hip hop to a football player coming out to his team:

It’s like having a football player playing a game with you and all of a sudden at the end of the season he says, ‘Hey, you know I’m a gay guy. . .And I like you’

Funny because it just reminds me of plenty of situations where friends of mine would let a girl know they are gay and the girl automatically assumes that they like her. . .So, that just shows us how homophobia may work. If you’re gay, you like every person of the same sex in your sights. It doesn’t work like that. We don’t like ugly either. But Snoop makes more sense when he continues.

He takes his statement further in the VH1 vid to explain his hope that rappers that are homosexual can soon be open to perform without worry of the Hip Hop community “Shun”. Snoop says:

People are people no matter what their preference is. And that’s what we have to understand as humans – that we can’t dictate our lives off what somebody else loves or doesn’t love. You have to live your life for who you are and you have to respect other peoples’ decisions and give them their space.

Word. Respect. He speaks on other things like his transformation to Snoop Lion and working with Miley Cyrus. Click HERE to watch vid(s).



Author: Lei AK

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