Jimmii Montana – “Dreams Money Can Buy” Cover

You know anything Drake, the beat goes hard. Please note I aint arguing about him as a rapper. This post is about Jimmi mudafakin Montana doing the cover.


(Follow on twitter: @JimmiiMontana)

While Drake talks about all the girls he pulls and how he got it like that, Jimmii Montana talks about the grind and hunger to get to that point. Yall can relate.

Favorite gems dropped:

Warriors never die/We just get stronger

when you stand up for something real/It’s gon take longer


I built an army/I aint even need it

It’s warrior world, nigga/And we undefeated

Peep Drake’s original below. I’m just curious. Which version do you like better? Poll below.


  1. When ever artist like Siya, Jimmii, or khaos da rapper do covers to mainstream artist songs they actually make it sound better than the original. Their delivery/word is more detailed and you can feel their passion within the music.

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