Y’all Gon Learn Today: Siya “Open Letter” Cover

Sooooo. I saw this as soon as @SIYA_ posted it about a month ago but I was hoping to hold out and wait for more covers from other artists to jump off to compare. Two things that reminded me I needed to post this now:

1. I googled ‘lesbian rapper’ one day searching for just that and the first thing that came up was a Huffington post link on Siya’s “Open Letter”.


2. I heard it played in the club last Saturday in Weho when @LadyTragik guest DJ’d with Dirty Rich Kidd 

I mean, finding other artists in our community that spit on “Open Letter”, is one thing but when I couldn’t find anyone, straight/gay/human that actually had a good cover to Mr. Carter’s “Open Letter” it disturbed me.  Why the hell didn’t anyone else step up to this and kill it?!

Jay-Z’s version and then Common’s feature go hard because they drop lyrical diamonds and speak on knowledge in the political/historical arena. Of course, the Carter’s trip to Cuba is what started it all so it’s natural for Pitbull to spit some bars on Cuban and American relations. I suppose it’d be hard to come after all that but Siya attempted and held her own.

Siya’s “OPEN LETTER” version

1. Siya’s lyrical skills include a flow that ranges from smooth to staccato. And the name drops! Oh, the name drops:

  • Speaks on her meeting with Jay-Z and sort of fires shots claiming that he and his camp is sleeping while her blood runs blue for BK.
  • Speaks on comparing herself to MC Lyte and Da Brat before the make-up. Point taken.
  • Speaks on French Montana and T.I. co-signing her skills.
  • Speaks on my bitch, Rihanna. That’s an automatic thumbs up.  I would’ve said it, too.

2. Polished visuals: Her photography and videos are always on point thanks to Mike Ho, a Los-Angeles based director and photographer.

3. Open Letter Platform: “Open Letter” is the perfect stump to air out frustrations about life’s daily bullshit and that’s exactly what Siya used it for.  Jay-Z, Common and Pitbull’s versions do point out more political issues but Siya still raps about the politics of the business, music and life.

The frustration, I speak of, is how a talented artist can be pushed to the wayside for many reasons, sexuality being one. The frustration I speak of is how Siya’s cover was featured on Huffington Post but in the gay section. I’m assuming she appreciates the community for our support but the continual labeling before the description of rapper can be a serious cock block to garnering attention outside of that.

And even though her current mixtape, D.Y.K.E. plays on these terms, her music is not just for a specific crowd. It’s for lovers of hip hop. If you don’t learn today, Yall gon’ learn one day soon.

This is one of many stories about many talented artists out here teaching lessons on the daily.

Tell us what you think in the comments and give us your favorite lines Siya spits. You should find plenty.

Download her mixtape D.Y.K.E. (Damn You Killin’ Em)cover

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