MUSIC: Kin4Life – Indian In My Family

The beat is dark and kind of reminds me of distant thunder with sneaky, sliding orchestration that tempts a buck MF to step to some ish. They start off with cracking the typical joke of long hair and the history of Black Americans with Native American blood before starting in on the first 8 bars with

“I got Indian in my family”

My first reaction was slack jaws. Like, Aw lawd, what are they gonna talk about? But knowing Kin4Life and some of their work, I should’ve know they’d provide the perfect combination of story and braggadocio always mixed in with a little knowledge and revolutionary prodding. When I say perfect combination I speak of that balance of satisfying the conscience side of rap while keeping it entertaining with lines like:

And I’m not Cherokee/ But bear with me/ Lemme spit them tribes you know

Native Americans is better when/ I spit that when I flow

Cuz I’m so PC/ Believe me/ No curry/ Just teepees

No taxes/ You bastards/ My drinking is a habit

When I post about music, I post what I like and why. I can usually say something good or find something to appreciate in any song and honestly, this track right here is my favorite type of music for the reason I mentioned above. It may teeter on the edge of race sensitivity but again, know the source, content and context before judging in that way. Besides that, when speaking on such sensitive matters, it’s always great to pillowcase it with humor and this song had me dying.

After listening to the track, you’ll be reminded of 2 things:

1. Kin4Life’s technical skills with flow switch-ups and candid use of verbal attacks.

2. How fucked up Native Americans were treated and still are. I mean, we’re literally standing on land that originally belonged to one group or other, right?

Check out more of their music at They will perform at Antelope Valley, Ca. Pride on June 1st. I hope they perform this song cuz I’m ready to mosh. So serious.

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