New BET show: Hip Hop Sisters

MC Lyte, The Lady of Rage, Yo Yo, Smooth, Monie Love and Lil Mama are set to have their very own reality show on BET entitled the “Hip Hop Sisters”. The same name MC Lyte has for her non-profit, Hip Hop Sisters Network. An organization that highlights positive images women of color in the media. It’s good to know that celebrities are invested in such a great cause. The celebrity advisory board for the organization consists of Jada Pinkett-Smith, Chilli, Russell Simmons and a handful of others.

Now, Lil Mama seems a little out of place among the hip hop greats of the recent past on this show but we won’t put it past her. Lil Mama has never shown us any reason not to like her. She’s always positive and I actually thought she might have  been the next female rapper to pop commercially. Though that didn’t happen, she has a place in hip hop history and I hope her story continues. She’s a great role model for the younguns.

I want to see this because, regardless of the cheap entertainment value reality shows have attached to them, these women and their talent stand on their own and these voices are definitely missing! Let’s continue to uplift each other. Ratchet behaviour may or may not ensue but these ladies deserve our attention and respect.


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