Jesta The Lyricist SPEAKS on Trayvon Martin

In the past few days to follow the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case, I have seen a lot of negative posts and have heard reports of looting and rioting. I had to ask myself why? You are outraged a young black man was killed unjustly, so you speak hate and loot and destroy your own communities?!?!? Now, this is outrageous to me… I know there are a few positive groups out there, protesting peacefully & this is wonderful. As for the rest of you, you really want to make a difference? A good start would be to show presence within your community. By this, I mean volunteer, help others, be a positive influence on our youth. Be aware of what is going on around you. Stop talking about it and just do it! One person can truly make a difference in this world, so imagine what 100’s or even thousands could accomplish?!?!  Our ancestors fought tooth and nail for us to have these freedoms and we must carry on where they left off, because in reality, racism is in full force and most of you are feeding right into it. Ask yourself, is violence really going to help the situation or is it going to make things harder in the long run? Look at the bigger picture, this verdict is not just about you & me, it is about our children and our children’s children. Use your anger,  and outrage to get justice peacefully.  Join forces and start a campaign, a coalition, a peaceful protest rally… There truly is strength in numbers, we often fail to see, because we as a whole allow ourselves to be divided. Don’t believe me? I see it everyday, from the way we treat our homeless, to gang violence, to classism, etc… I’ve even seen it in church. People talking about each other because they feel they are above one other for whatever reason. We all need to do better and stop making excuses! We know this was a travesty and this should never happen to anyone & yes it needs to stop, but gripping and moaning is not going to get anything done. It’s time to get our hands dirty and put in some real work. You can start by signing this NAACP petition to the Department of Justice

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