Wanna be a part of an upcoming YLR Webisode? Casting now!

Interested in becoming a voice, albeit hilarious, for yourself and hopefully others like you!? Think you have funny, interesting things to say about life? Are you gay? Gay-friendly? In the “community”?

WHAT: 1LV is a light-hearted take on issues where subjects navigate through life with advice and experience through a much more queer perpsective. Please note, we are still open to everyone, straight or not, that may have an interesting view on these topics.

It’s in the same respect as any snarky, witty, humorous show with commentators on various issues: 1 Girl 5 Gays, Girl Code, Guy Code, Dumbest Criminals, etc.

WHEN: Shooting 2x a month


  • “No Homo”
  • Stud v. femme
  • And many more (sorry, can’t give it away!!)

HOW & WHERE: Los Angeles area. Those who reside here, will travel or be here during shooting times.

YLR film crew  will come to subject, either at home, public place that is camera-friendly.

*YLR Will have a get-together on designated dates and invite interested parties to shoot.*

First episode will release in November 2013 with the new look of site and the Music Countdown.

Episodes are recurring and we are looking for those interested in volunteering time to voice their opinions in an open, light-hearted way. Interview for individuals will be held no longer than 30 min-2 hours.

We want to highlight folks that are the type that are rarely heard and would like to take on that challenge for those who can relate and have a good laugh.


If you are interested, please confirm and fill out form to be a part of the cast of episode 1 and 2:


 After filling out form, you will be contacted shortly.
For any questions, hit up yolgbtraps@gmail.com subject line: “1LV casting”

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