Watch highlights of Azealia Banks performance.

Opinion: The media has turned @AzealiaBanks into quite the controversy but I still love her. Never saw her live before but she brings it to the stage with her punk attitude, flair and straight sick flow that fits right in with us. She performed ATM Jam, Liquorice and more and even covered a song or two that the gay boys would appreciate. Watch and enjoy.  She’s young and still has so much more ahead.

OUT Magazine just released an article where Banks talks about how she wants her current label to think she’s dead. We know it aint easy in the music industry with all its fuckery.  Especially for a young, black female.  There’s a whole slew of talented black queer hip hop artists that aren’t “marketable” and no one will give the time of day so trust me, Mermaid, we understand the struggle and I’m rooting for you! So yall, Keep her on your radar.  She is not going anywhere. . .“And for the hatas, quit that chit chat, and get ya paper.”

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