Mission Statement:

It is YLR’s mission to inspire a higher standard in showcasing music in the lgbtq community through a visual media and digital platform.  YLR believes in and strives to provide content that will stimulate, educate and advocate all elements of our community.


We are a handful of creatives who want to create a place that reflects our culture a little more infused with the LGBTQ community. An open place to be queer, celebrate the things that set us apart and  celebrate the things that are bigger than a label.  We like dope music, dope events, and watching things grow. Evolve. This site isn’t to distance or isolate ourselves labeled as ‘the Gays’ from the world and bigger picture. It’s to show that we are a part of the world and bigger picture too, BITCHES.

​So we’ll create content that reflects what we experience as queer folks (namely lesbians) who love hip-hop and living in the now. The music, the culture and lifestyle. YLR covers all types of shit: interviews with cool folks, music, vignettes and other art. We strive to highlight the dopeness of talents in the LGBTQ community and showcase THE DOPE, period.


1 Comment

  1. What’s good,

    I’m an up and coming artist wondering how I can link up with you all I got some pretty dope stuff coming out soon and was wondering how I can possibly get showcased on this site.

    Thnx and Godbless

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