Pride on my Feet

Since its the start of pride season, Nike has released a new shoe. The “Be True” Runners encourage you to be who you are. I have seen a lot of LGBTQ inspired shoes but to keep it real this is the only pair that I would personally rock. The classic Cortez runner silhouette sets off the rainbow ribbon showing a hit of pride. The runner is set to drop sometime next month , so be on the look out! I dig it, what about you?

WATCH: Kids React to Same-sex Marriage Proposals

Real cute. A little disappointed they were missing black kids’ reactions. Maybe it’s because my Daddio told me America doesn’t like depicting black folks as kids. He said you can tell by the way they try  black juveniles as adults.  Good point, Pop. Still a cute vid, though. Might need a part 2 because I’d really like to see what the little black juvenile delinquents will say.

kids gay marriage 3 He’s a conservative.

kids gay marriage 2He has the coolest leather jacket.

kids gay marriage 1I don’t know. Too much cuteness.

Glad to see even kids know denying the freedoms and rights of their fellow American human beings who pay taxes and want the same freedoms and rights all married couples should have is purely ridiculous.

Politiq : The Issues


1st segment of 3 that will cover our 2012 Election as far as the candidates, the issues, and the importance of voting.

We are no expert on politics but WE are responsible for our country and just talking about it is the first step to understanding how our country runs and how to make it better.

Yo! LGBT Raps just wants the U.S. viewer to to know that educating ourselves about the issues that run (or ruin) our country allows us to make GOOD decisions and choices with our VOTES.

Not just presidential votes but CONGRESS and all these senators and government workers that we pay to take care of our nation. It’s not enough to complain and know what’s wrong. It’s the call to action to do something about it.

Let’s get it yall.

YLR Interviews Espionage Crew


Jesta Da Lyricist and Tango PI make up the Espionage Crew. A cool, dark journey through the minds of children of immigrants entrenched in the hip hop lifestyle. Spitting that knowledge and experience only they can spit. Check out their interviews below!

Part 1

Part 2

Extra tid bit. “Frank Ocean Letter”

YLR Interviews L.U.S.T.


Fresh off her God, Fear & Money. We caught up with Lady L.U.S.T. during the LBC Pride 2012.

We kicked it in a sushi restaurant for brunch & champagne then dragged our drunk asses back to our girl, Tasha’s spot for even more shit shootin’.

At 00:43 She talks about where L.U.S.T. came from.
01:25 Upcoming Projects
01:45 Writing Process
02:17 Studio set up
02:54 Titties/Ass/Camel toe
03:22 Fan Stories that inspired a song. lol.
05:04 Obama & Gay stuff.
06:04 Reppin. 3 Strikes.
07:05 What’s your goal as an artist? Provoke.
07:57 Dream Collaboration.
09:03 THE lgbt question.
10:07 What is a fav L.U.S.T. verse?

Watch out for God, Fear & Money II. More info at

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