Stud Life

Directed and written by Campbell Ex.

JJ is a ‘Stud’ Lesbian. Together with her best friend Seb, a gay pretty boy, they work as wedding photographers. When JJ falls in love with a beautiful diva, JJ and Seb’s friendship is tested. JJ is forced to chose between her hot new lover and her best friend.

Written by Claude Meyer

Stud Life is distributed by Wolfe on Demand and is available on NetFlix USAiTunes, and YouTube worldwide on DVD on Amazon and also rent the film from various sources via Peccadillo Pictures in the UK.

WATCH: The Celluloid Closet


Based on the book written by the late GLBT activist, Vito Russo, this documentary is about the history of lgbt images in the media (namely films). Continue reading “WATCH: The Celluloid Closet”

Is Lisa Raye Coming back in her role as Diamond?


Ahhhh! I still get excited when I watch Players Club and see Diamond in her pink getup crawling on the stage! DAMN I LUV DEM STRIPPERS! So when I saw this I’m like Yessssss! No it’s not Players Club 2 but another tale About the life of a stripper! The trailer for “Lap Dance” kinda still leaves me wondering WTF? But I’m gonna watch it just for LISA. Oh, and the lady from Thin line Between Love and Hate!

V Magazine – “Studs” Behind the Scenes Vid


V Magazine ran a photo spread of 10 different models who spoke on where studs stand on the scale of blah, blah, blah.  It’s simple. Essentially, it’s all about living as yourself and overcoming blah, bah blah. Ah, fuck it. Let’s watch the vid!

IT’S #FEMMEFRIDAY ENJOY some mouth-watering eye candy, ladies!

Be Steadwell – “Love Song for a Dom Stripper”

O.M.G. I love this song. Let’s hear it for the femmes getting it in about what they like. She is a queer pop artist and we’ve had our eye on her since Lost Bois and she’s been consistent with the output of art. Check out her song below. For more on her and her music check out at Oh, did I also mention she’s a filmmaker, too? Fall in love.

via her bandcamp site — “Be is a queer pop artist specializing in vocal layering. In addition to her solo endeavors, B is a singer MC in queer pop group The Lost Bois. Her music is simple yet infectious, and always sincere.”

Peep vid below for her live version:

Lady L.U.S.T 11th HOUR mini movie

11th hour

YO! Lady L.U.S.T. just posted this on Instagram, and i am so glad she did! I can’t believe this one got past me! The 11th hour is a mini move that is laced with lyrics by Lady L.U.S.T. and features Rideout. The Plot and Music make you wish there was more!! Good job L.U.S.T! DOPE! Check it out!

HBO developing a drama produced by John Legend about a “Down Lo” Miami Rapper

Picture 6

(Via Deadline site)

At least we think it’s about a rapper in South Beach struggling with the question of coming out or remaining “Down Lo”. It’s set in the sexy, hot Miami location surrounded by the fashion and music scene. This looks interesting. We’ll see if it materializes. Click on photo above for more info.

What do yall think about this? Do you want to see it? Other media that mentions this show has plenty of negative comments from our hip hop community but what else are we to expect? It aint like we all have the right to marry the one we love or can share those benefits that all legally married partners have yet. It aint like I feel 100% safe that a motherf****er won’t try me just because of my preference. This aint Ameri – wait. Never mind.

Frank Ocean made waves last year for admitting his relationship with a party of the same-sex so imagine all the controversy thrown his way.  Now imagine the commotion for a rapper. Male, at that. Do you think Hip Hop is ready for this? Crossing fingers over here and hoping this won’t be the last we hear about it.  If the show happens and it doesn’t breed acceptance, understanding or tolerance, at least we’re set to enjoy a ratchet show of outta-control blog commenters that will be sure to bring entertaining drama.


Author: Lei AK

LGBT DRAMASODES…I love them you know…But this a movie! →

Characters…remember that? Remember when there where a bunch of rappers that would be all be in rotation but you never had to guess who was who?


That’s how I kinda feel now in respect to the newest series of LGBT dramasodes.  This one’s DOPE cause its a MOVIE!

Its interesting to see producers and their cast depict US from an US point of view.

Characters in different real life situation…Dope. I can dig it.

Here’s what I found…

“Girls Like Us! Part 1”

An Anike Bay’s Joint

Let’s work on getting an interview (mental note),

I like this.


Author: KDR


DVD of “Girls Like Us! Part 1,” is on sale at $15.00 or 7day Rental for $2.99 Amazon Instant Video on Demand or at . . . .

This is a lesbian drama series about a female attorney named Keisha, who is intimately involved in a relationship with an author/woman named Zoi’, and a man/gynecologist named Greg. Keisha has been able to keep her hidden idiosyncrasies from her family and friends for months, but now her secret affair with Zoi’ is creeping to the forefront. Keisha feeling pressured by Zoi’ to end her relationship with Greg, and evenly pressured by Greg to get married now, has finally realized that she must choose between the love of her life Zoi’, or the politically correct life with Greg she is suppose to live.