Today is Zora Neale Hurston’s birthday. YLR salutes the birthday of one of the greatest storyteller’s who taught us how to use our authentic voice. To Celebrate this special day, another voice steps up and grabs the baton. In this case. The mic.

Neale Hurston, formerly known as Tango P.i, released a 9-tracked monster called “Haute Boheme”. Listen up!

WATCH: The Celluloid Closet


Based on the book written by the late GLBT activist, Vito Russo, this documentary is about the history of lgbt images in the media (namely films). Continue reading “WATCH: The Celluloid Closet”

MUSIC: Adaeze

Got the heads up from Q.U.E.E.R. BOIS a while back. And now Adaeze is set do a fresh drop on Nov. 8th.

The last EP “How To Be An MC” (2012) started from a challenge and the key lesson from it all is practice. Check out the intro on Adaeze’s bandcamp and you’ll see what I mean.

So that was 2012. . .Practice makes perfect. So I gotta say, I’m a little excited to find out. Will you listen to it Friday, just in time for the weekend? Let us know what you think of it!

WATCH: Kids React to Same-sex Marriage Proposals

Real cute. A little disappointed they were missing black kids’ reactions. Maybe it’s because my Daddio told me America doesn’t like depicting black folks as kids. He said you can tell by the way they try  black juveniles as adults.  Good point, Pop. Still a cute vid, though. Might need a part 2 because I’d really like to see what the little black juvenile delinquents will say.

kids gay marriage 3 He’s a conservative.

kids gay marriage 2He has the coolest leather jacket.

kids gay marriage 1I don’t know. Too much cuteness.

Glad to see even kids know denying the freedoms and rights of their fellow American human beings who pay taxes and want the same freedoms and rights all married couples should have is purely ridiculous.

Yo! LGBT Raps Interviews Bernice from Tru tv’s “South Beach Tow”

Khaos Da Rapper nabs an interview with Bernice from Tru TV’s “South Beach Tow” in Miami. The video interview will drop in November, soon.  Just in time to help kick off Season 3 of the show. Congratulations, Bernice! Keep it up.


Catch the Season premier tonight at 10pm and every Wednesday at 10pm/7pm pacific! And stay tuned to #YLR’s exclusive interview with Bernice.
berncie south tow beach trutv

YLR Throwback: Thee Satisfaction Live 2012

YLR caught Thee Satisfaction at last year’s San Francisco Pride weekend. They were slotted to perform at a venue unrelated to Pride weekend festivities so it was by pure luck we were able to catch em. Continue reading “YLR Throwback: Thee Satisfaction Live 2012”

V Magazine – “Studs” Behind the Scenes Vid


V Magazine ran a photo spread of 10 different models who spoke on where studs stand on the scale of blah, blah, blah.  It’s simple. Essentially, it’s all about living as yourself and overcoming blah, bah blah. Ah, fuck it. Let’s watch the vid!

IT’S #FEMMEFRIDAY ENJOY some mouth-watering eye candy, ladies!

Happy Mothers Day to ALL amazing moms!

Happy mothers day to some amazing Lesbian MOMS!!
Its kinda cool knowing that lesbian parenting isn’t as taboo as say a few years ago.
While celebrating mothers day this year I thought about the joys of one day parenting with “the right one”.
Its about the love of the child and I (like the parents pictured) plan to SWARM my kiddoes with all the lesbian love I could have!!
I know theres tons of moms in our community both femme and aggressive that deserve to be celebrated today and everyday so on behalf of the YLR Team!

Sheryl Swoopes and former partner who still raise a child together.

Watchya Know About BatWoman???


She’s a  fictional character…a super heroine…

Ooh & did I mention she’s also a BIG OLE LESBIAN!

Maybe it’s the geek in me but…I like.

She was created in the likeness of Bruce Wayne. You know BATMAN?

She’s Katherine Kane aka Kathy and most recently KATE (her lesbian moniker).

Kate started appearing in DC Comics around 2006 issue #7 of the maxi-series. It was revealed that KANE had been romantically involved with Renee Montoya, a former Gotham City Police detective…Ooooh BOOTS!

I’m not a huge COMIC STRIP fan but I thought it was interesting DC COMICS added her and the openly out strip to their roster. This chick is stupid built n KILLIN the bad guys…and apparently the good girls.

The artwork is DOPE!

(In my mind: “I would love a poster or two… I wish the girls had a little more tint in their skin but whatever.”

To all my lgbt comic strip geeks! This ones for you!