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We won’t respond to anything other than submissions at this email.


Submit Info When you submit anything, sender agrees that they have the copyright and authorization to submit work concerning mp3 or video files. This does not apply to submitting links that can be shared or embedded publicly without permission.

Submissions we accept for YLR Music Countdown: We accept .mov files for videos. You can share the youtube or video link but if we choose the video for the countdown, you must submit the .mov file.

  • We do NOT show the entire video in the countdown. We only promote our choices and encourage viewers to watch the full video on the artist’s own channels and sites.

Submissions we accept for YLR song features and other: We accept .mp3 audio files or links from artists soundcloud, reverbnation, or any other music site that can be publicly embedded when we post a song feature on our site.

  • Submitting mp3 audio files also gives YLR the right to use it in our shows (i.e. music countdown, vignettes, interviews and other YLR shows) with the proper credit given to the artist.

If you submit any work to YLR, you give YLR (YOLGBTRAPS) the right to use it unlimited times as long as we give copyright owner credit without the need of notification.

OTHER: We also want to keep up with all you talented artists and the lgbtq community so please submit updates and information you think is POST-WORTHY to @YOLGBTRAPS on IG or YOLGBTRAPS on Facebook.

If we don’t know about it, we can’t post about it! Submitting does NOT guarantee we will post it.

Thanks For rocking with us!