Angel Haze is still going strong and performed at the BBC X1LIVE event as one of the top billed headliners along with 2 Chainz and Sean Paul. Her flow and performance has gotten better with time. Last post we did on her was a performance shared with Iggy Azalea on their Otis remix. For sure, we need to keep better tabs on her.

I feel like England is much more open to supporting musicians as long as the talent is there and it’s good music. We’ve seen this happen again and again throughout history with black artists and the love they get outside of the U.S. I kind of believe that most black female artists that struggle out here could make it big if only they lived outside America. What made me think about that was when Angel Haze expressed her gratitude to England and thanked them for giving her a chance, during the vid. Where’s the love, America? She’s not going anywhere but up. Keep a close eye.


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Angel Haze x Iggy Azalea “Otis” Cover – LIVE


All Hip Hop blogged about this collaboration to comment about how they did this to show females can live without the beef.  They both big each other up at the end of the vid. Gotta love the good vibes. Let’s keep it positive and about the music. Both take the craft seriously and you can hear the heart when they spit. It can only get better. Wish I could’ve been there for the live performance! Peep below.

Listen to rehearsal track below.

p.s. S/O for being the 1st females to grace XXL Mag’s freshman’s class so far.