Sweetheat Miami Ball/ Le Butch Face / #TBT

Le Butch Face Is an Artistic take on the Annual Wet N Wild Ball held At Sweet Heat Miami.The Video shows The Butch Face category hosted by The Face Diva and Ari Mac. Enjoy this throwback for the last Sweet Heat 2013.

WATCH: YLR Talks to Bernice

Catch Bernice on Trutv on South Beach Tow every Wednesday at 10pm!

Khaos Da Rapper caught up with Bernice before the season started to get some insight on how the show came about and how life has been treating her after.

YLR Experienced: Sweetheat Miami Foam Party 2013

Watch in HD!

YLR went down to Miami May 2013 for the annual Sweetheat Miami debauchery. Needless to say, it was #TURNTUP!!

Here’s the day pool party event where we saw booty competitions, best bod competitions and just overall sexy, hot, beautiful lesbians and other friends they bring along 😉

Another YLR Experienced segment for the night events will be posted soon. ENJOY!

HBO developing a drama produced by John Legend about a “Down Lo” Miami Rapper

Picture 6

(Via Deadline site)

At least we think it’s about a rapper in South Beach struggling with the question of coming out or remaining “Down Lo”. It’s set in the sexy, hot Miami location surrounded by the fashion and music scene. This looks interesting. We’ll see if it materializes. Click on photo above for more info.

What do yall think about this? Do you want to see it? Other media that mentions this show has plenty of negative comments from our hip hop community but what else are we to expect? It aint like we all have the right to marry the one we love or can share those benefits that all legally married partners have yet. It aint like I feel 100% safe that a motherf****er won’t try me just because of my preference. This aint Ameri – wait. Never mind.

Frank Ocean made waves last year for admitting his relationship with a party of the same-sex so imagine all the controversy thrown his way.  Now imagine the commotion for a rapper. Male, at that. Do you think Hip Hop is ready for this? Crossing fingers over here and hoping this won’t be the last we hear about it.  If the show happens and it doesn’t breed acceptance, understanding or tolerance, at least we’re set to enjoy a ratchet show of outta-control blog commenters that will be sure to bring entertaining drama.


Author: Lei AK