This episode highlights some thoughts on the sex shop, strap-ons and whether one should care if your partner uses the same ol dick/strap or naw? Continue reading “1LV EP. 4 “SEX SHOP””


This episode highlights some thoughts on labels, whether you’re gay, straight or anything inbetween. What are your labels? Do you claim them or naw? Continue reading “1LV EPISODE 3: LABELS”


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Sweetheat Miami Ball/ Le Butch Face / #TBT

Le Butch Face Is an Artistic take on the Annual Wet N Wild Ball held At Sweet Heat Miami.The Video shows The Butch Face category hosted by The Face Diva and Ari Mac. Enjoy this throwback for the last Sweet Heat 2013.

Food 4 The Hip-Hop Soul By YLR Blogger: H.Figueroa

Food 4 The Hip-Hop Soul


So, the other day I’m randomly researching; as I often do and I come across Kamau Bell interviewing the legendary hip-hop radio host/ blogger Jay Smooth. This interview is especially interesting to me, because the discussion turns toward homophobia in hip-hop. Jay speaks of the fact that there are already lgbt rappers out commercially, just not currently in the mainstream. He also goes on to speak of the youth and how they are more apt to accept an lgbt hip-hop artist. “The generation gap is creating change that is freaking out older hip-hoppers, that think our culture is going to lose its moral center if people are openly gay or wear skinny jeans and things like that” says Jay. “There’s a sort of old fogey, anti-gay tea party contingent among hip-hoppers my age.”
Jay also brings up Audrey Lord, Bayard Rustin, and James Baldwin and speaks of how the gay rights movement started at Stonewall.  “There’s nobody more gangster than the LGBT community.” Jay, as usual drops truth and knowledge, unmatched by many in his field.
This was such a dope interview, that you should definitely check out for yourself.



Check out this NEW VIDEO by L.U.S.T. featuring pOETiq . The Song “Beautiful Beast” is the title track  from the Album  “The Beautiful Beast Experience”. The Album is set to release 6\18\13. The track was Produced by featured artist pOETiq, and the video was shot By YLR Producers Visual Monsters. The ascetics and the feel of the video allow you to get lost in the track and experience The Beautiful Beast! We at YLR are looking forward to hearing and seeing more from L.U.S.T.! KEEP IT UP! POW!

YLR Interviews Temper


Check out the deets on the making of Temper’s music video “Buss me down/Speedin n in the Rain” and the Questions from the Fitted segment!